Fear Is A Wasted Emotion

podcover27.jpgThere's never any real reason to be afraid of an EVP even though there are times when they can be quite off-putting. Sometimes even the simplest of spirit voices can touch just the right nerve, and sometimes... when you least expect it, you find yourself facing fear. Fear is never a good tool to take into an investigation, but honestly embracing it and accepting our own humanity is a good thing. Facing fear works wonders, but when all is said and done, fear is a wasted emotion.



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  • Mike Snee

    Randy - The negative voices could be several things. One possibility reminds me of what a very close friend (she’s a medium) shared with me the other day. On occasion she’ll have some spirits (or other type entities) tell her bad things about people in her life. One entity told her that if not for her psychic ability I wouldn’t be her friend. I think some entities try to feed off negative feelings and emotion. Could also be they don’t want us to know certain things. In the middle of the hate rhetoric and swearing, there could be some underlying message. If you transcribed any of this, I’d love to look it over.

    Nov 27, 2011 at 1:28 pm