Be Yourself

This episode of the Voices Podcast emphasizes the need to come correct when attempting to contact the spirit world. Being yourself and communicating your honest interest in them will go a long way toward securing good EVP. There is no guaranteed method for success, but attitude is extremely important and helps set the stage properly.


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  • Patrick

    Very thought provoking. In the last couple of years I’ve gotten a lot smarter with the questions I ask with EVP… but in my experimenting the last few weeks I’m realizing now I probably “dumbly” annoyed the hell out of anyone present… just for the sake of being consistent for an experiment. No wonder they peaced out for my last session. :-)

    These podcasts have been very refreshing. I’ll be sad when I make it through the whole archive. Can you go ahead and record about 12 more for me before your absence next week? :-)

    Mar 28, 2012 at 9:26 pm