Face of a Voice

podcover51.jpgIt may be possible to equate CEV (closed eye visualization) with EVP – a subject we’ve explored before on The Voices Podcast. Testing done of the subject does seem to hint at this connection, but more study needs to be done. This episode deals with that subject again, but focuses more on the resulting spirit voices recorded during one particular session while everyone was asleep. Once again, there does seem to be a correlation to the images created in CEV and the kinds of recorded voices, but drawing definite conclusions is still not possible. In addition, the voices that were recorded, while corresponding exactly with the number of different EVP voices, do not seem to relate at all to the unique situation that surrounds this session. Based on a tertiary understanding of explainable entoptical phenomena, and by playing 8 of the EVP from the session, it’s hard to say whether or not this visual noise is anything but coincidental.


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